The Zenzen family has been producing wines in the heart of the iconic Mosel Valley since 1636. And whilst Rieslings are still produced in the family’s estate, Zenzen has embraced the global demand for international wines. Headed up by Peter Zenzen, a purpose built winery capable of bottling up to 40,000 bottles per hour has been set-up in Kaisersesch, just 160km away from Frankfurt, Germany.

Zenzen offers world wines for retailers and distributors, carrying wines from 13 countries including Australia, U.S.A and Chile as well as all major European wine producing countries.

Currently Zenzen export to over 80 countries in a vast range of forms, from 10 ltr Bag in Box, P.E.T. to more traditional 75cl glass bottles. The winery carries all major health and safety certification including International Food Standard certification.

Contact us on mobie@mawandpipe.com or for further information about Zenzen please visit http://www.einig-zenzen.de

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